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SVAC does not provide direct client counselling but believes its important for people who’ve experienced violence to have a positive understanding of what counselling is, and the rights they have in the counselling process.

Counselling provides individuals, partners and family the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, trusting environment. When you decide to enter counselling, a counsellor will welcome you, all of you to join into the healing process. During the first session you and the counsellor will review confidentiality and other information that ensures the safety of your story is protected and respected. From there the counselling sessions will take a pace that is comfortable for your Self to work through the pain you experience as a result of sexual violence. Your counsellor may suggest a variety of techniques, some of which may seem strange to you. If you have any questions or don’t feel comfortable practicing certain exercises, it’s important that you tell your counsellor. You have the right to stop any exercise at any time during any time .  Counsellors are present to hear, see, and be a witness to that pain as it begins to transform.


Counsellors as Professionals & Client Rights

Coping Strategies


There are many different approaches to counselling that can be helpful in your healing.

Different types of interventions may help at different times in your journey.

Some interventions may include using the body to help process the experience, while others may be more educational.

It’s important you communicate with your counsellor on what is most helpful for you.

When you experience a sexual assault and/or are addressing experiences of sexual abuse, it is important to find professionals who can support you. One avenue of support is professional counselling. Professional Counsellors are those in our community that are educated and trained in providing healing to survivors, this includes a  Master’s degree in the field of Counselling, years of professional development as well are registered with a Professional Association.  

As a client you have the right to ask Counselling professionals for their creditials. Other rights that are inherent in counselling are: Consent for Counselling, knowing who and where your information is being disclosed to and the right to be treated with respect. Other rights will be discussed with you during your counselling session.  

Counsellors as Professionals


Client Rights

Coping Strategies
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Resources for healing

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